Self Care for Anxiety


It’s always good to create a wholesome routine.  Anxiety thrives on turbulence and uncertainty.  Come up with a good routine and focus on inviting stability into your life.


Work on rationalising your fears and that negative self-talk.  It helps if you can tell yourself over and over again that the worst case scenario probably won’t happen.  Remind yourself that you’ll be okay.

Talk about it:

Don’t believe that you are a burden, or that no one cares about you or isn’t interested in you.  People love you, people care about you and people will listen to you.  Talk about your anxiety.

Schedule Things:

If there’s something that’s triggering your anxiety try scheduling it into your daily life so that it becomes repetitious and do your best to stick to it.  Putting it off indefinitely makes it worse.

Mindful + Mindless:

It can be helpful to try an activity to actively pull you out of your anxiety and other times you just need a distraction from your thoughts.  Learn which one you need and when.


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