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Counselling Services

In Newcastle & the Hunter Valley Region

Counselling Services

Tailored to meet your needs and flexible to offer face-to-face, online, and telephone sessions.

Registered NDIS Provider

NDIS-approved provider for counselling.


Showing ourselves the same internal process, self-caring, self-kindness, self-compassion that we would express towards another. Self-compassion is good for the soul, our own positive mental health and well-being.


Valuing ourselves in a favourable manner. Being respectful of who we are and what we believe in. Having faith in ourselves and in our ability to make positive changes and decisions in our lives.


The ability to tap into our own thoughts and feelings, beliefs and emotions, understanding what motivates us to be who we are. We are then able to identify areas of improvement, build on our areas of strength and make long lasting positive change.


A time where we can reflect on our values and beliefs, understand who we are. Self-reflection can be calming, giving us a different perspective on things without preconception. Self-reflection helps us to tap into our inner self and take ownership of our decisions, opening us up to change.

106 George Street
East Maitland NSW 2323

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