Mindfulness Techniques

There is so much interest in Mindfulness these days and how it can benefit our mind and bodies as a whole.  Try these five simple steps:

  1. Walking with the senses – notice where you are, feel the temperature and smell the scent around you.  Look around and focus on the colours you see.  Take care to notice what is unique about the situation you are in and focus on what is happening in the moment.
  2. When travelling to work or school, try listening to music and focus on a particular instrument you hear or the sound of a voice for the entire song.
  3. Guided meditation is good; you can search for simple and quick guided meditation on YouTube or Podcasts.
  4. Eat with your senses.  Pay attention to each bite, texture, taste, smell and the feelings you experience while you do this.  You may enjoy your food more and even eat less.
  5. In your mind, try playing a game – Think of every city in the world starting with the letter M or every animal starting with the letter B.  Put your focus into this activity for a while and see how you feel.

….Emily Roberts….

Some words to live by:

Take Care of Yourself……..

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your Happiness a priority.  It’s necessary…..

….Mandy Hale….

Be kind to yourselves, warmest Pauline

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