Challenge Yourself: Ten Steps to a Positive Wellbeing

Come on, give it a go. 🙂

Eat Healthy Food

A balanced healthy diet with lots of protein, fruit and veggies. Three meals a day (don’t forget breakfast) and healthy snacks in between meals. Drink lots of water and you’re on your way to being a healthy you.

Quality Sleep

Get yourself into a healthy sleep routine; this is important. Good sleep makes you feel refreshed and gives you energy. Try to go to bed and get up around the same time each day, your body loves routine and your body will love you.

Exercise Regularly

Being active not only improves physical health, it’s good for lowering anxiety and depression and is a great mood uplifter. You don’t have to conquer the world, just find an activity that you enjoy doing.

Be Kind to Yourself

Make time for you. Life can be stressful as there are so many things we need to do. But try and find some time in your day where you get to do something that makes you feel good and puts some spark into your day.

Social Connection

There is nothing more important than spending time with family and friends. Catch ups are good for the soul, whether it’s for a meal, a coffee or a drink, or a phone call or an email. Make time, life’s too short to be on your own.


Yes, you deserve to relax, make time for yourself. Find something that you love to do, and do it. You may like the outdoors, reading a book, soaking in a bath, listening to music, walking the dog or catching up with friends. The sky is the limit, just do something that you find relaxing.

Volunteer In Your Community

There is nothing more rewarding than helping others. Get involved in your local community as a volunteer. There are so many things you could be doing, contact your local council. Not only are you helping someone else, but giving back makes you feel better about yourself.

Find a Hobby or Learn a New Skill

This can be good for you in many ways, not only is it fun, but it can be educational, confidence building, interesting, relaxing and you get to meet new people. Go on, give it a go.

Have Some Fun

Life is too short to be serious all of the time, so if you are creative, us it to your advantage, if not, have fun anyway. Do something that makes you laugh, builds your confidence, and makes you feel good about yourself and the world around you. Enjoy yourself.

Health Check

How often do you see your GP? It is important to have regular health checks, even if you feel well. Whether you’re young or old, checkups are important, so don’t delay.

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