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  Why are we so self-critical? Why do some people find it hard to show self-compassion, as it is really not dissimilar to displaying compassion to others? Compassion is something that involves our feelings, thoughts, motives, desires, urges, and behaviours that are...

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Depression in adolescents and young people

  Adolescence can be a trying time for a lot of young people, with many challenging changes associated with this time of the developmental stage.  The physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that come with this phase of a young person’s life can be...

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Social Media –v– Social Isolation

  It is true that social media allows us to be connected to family and friends instantly, thanks to the Internet, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and of course Smartphone texting.  But where is the human contact and...

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Pets can help people manage mental health

  Everyone is talking about how pets are good for not only your physical health but also your mental health.  Those of us with animals already know how good it feels to interact with our pets.  Pets, especially dogs are becoming a very important means in the treatment...

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Prevent loneliness this festive season

  Social Isolation Affects Many People at Christmas No one should have to spend Christmas alone but it is becoming more apparent especially with the sick and the elderly.  Social isolation and loneliness during the festive season is nowadays an escalating problem in...

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