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Managing Phobias through Graded Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapies are designed to encourage the individual to confront their phobias and try to remain in the situation until they gradually desensitise, or overcome the phobia or anxiety disorder. There are many variations of exposure therapy that are successful in...

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Natural Ways to Manage Your Anxiety

  Anxiety isn’t easy to live with and at times can be quite unbearable, interfering in day to day life for many people. Most of us can feel anxious from time to time, but for some, anxiety can be ongoing without any particular motive or cause. This is where...

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Is Your Anxiety Making You Anxious?

  In some cases, anxiety can be brought on simply by thinking about a particular situation, affecting a person’s physical and emotional state of well-being.  Avoiding situations that cause anxiety can ultimately make your anxiety worse and create more anxiety...

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Challenge Yourself: Ten Steps to a Positive Wellbeing

  Come on, give it a go. 🙂 Eat Healthy Food A balanced healthy diet with lots of protein, fruit and veggies. Three meals a day (don't forget breakfast) and healthy snacks in between meals. Drink lots of water and you're on your way to being a healthy you....

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Is Stress Making You Feel Exhausted and Anxious?

  Recognising and understanding the sign of stress in our lives is just the first step towards managing it. We may not be able to eliminate stress altogether because life happens, but we can learn to cope better to make our lives a little easier to manage. Some...

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