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Journalling, a Helpful Tool in Managing Mental Health

Remember back in the day when for some of us, writing our thoughts and feelings down in a personal diary was a normal part of our daily life.  It wasn’t unusual to spend time each day jotting down our inner most personal experiences and then keep them hidden under...

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Using Desensitisation When Coping With a Phobia

When humans endure the debilitation of a specific anxiety, the most effective way to overcome this anxiety ‘is to face it,’ in other words ‘expose yourself to the fear.’  If a person chooses to ignore or avoid a frightening situation then the intensity of the anxiety...

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How Do You Move On From Grief And Loss?

When grief happens, it can be acute; it feels like your whole world has fallen apart. There is no typical response when living with grief; it is unique for each and every one of us and something we will experience for various reasons at different times in our lives....

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Managing Phobias through Graded Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapies are designed to encourage the individual to confront their phobias and try to remain in the situation until they gradually desensitise, or overcome the phobia or anxiety disorder. There are many variations of exposure therapy that are successful in...

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Natural Ways to Manage Your Anxiety

  Anxiety isn’t easy to live with and at times can be quite unbearable, interfering in day to day life for many people. Most of us can feel anxious from time to time, but for some, anxiety can be ongoing without any particular motive or cause. This is where...

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