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Perfectionism and Mental Health

Perfectionism is a personality trait characterised by a person striving for perfection, success, or high-performance standards.  It can be portrayed as a positive trait but when obsessive, can sadly be linked to mental health disorders such as stress, anxiety and...

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health

COVID-19 has left a devastating effect on all our lives, some more than others. As a result, we are experiencing unemployment, financial strain, isolation, and loneliness, thus escalating anxiety and depression for some people, and leaving destructive consequences on...

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Journalling, a Helpful Tool in Managing Mental Health

Remember back in the day when for some of us, writing our thoughts and feelings down in a personal diary was a normal part of our daily life.  It wasn’t unusual to spend time each day jotting down our inner most personal experiences and then keep them hidden under...

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Using Desensitisation When Coping With a Phobia

When humans endure the debilitation of a specific anxiety, the most effective way to overcome this anxiety ‘is to face it,’ in other words ‘expose yourself to the fear.’  If a person chooses to ignore or avoid a frightening situation then the intensity of the anxiety...

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