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Challenge Yourself: Ten Steps to a Positive Wellbeing

¬† Come on, give it a go. ūüôā Eat Healthy Food A balanced healthy diet with lots of protein, fruit and veggies. Three meals a day (don't forget breakfast) and healthy snacks in between meals. Drink lots of water and you're on your way to being a healthy you. Quality...

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Self-care tips from me to you

  One of the biggest challenges in our lives today is finding time to self-care as we are either too busy with life or too busy caring for others.  Good self-care is the single most important aspect of our health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Self-care is one...

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What does the word Motivation mean to you?

  Motivation is a word that is commonly used in my vocabulary on a daily basis, whether in conversation with my clients, chatting with a friend or family member, or an internal dialogue that remains consistent with my inner self. Defining motivation can be tricky, but...

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  Why are we so self-critical? Why do some people find it hard to show self-compassion, as it is really not dissimilar to displaying compassion to others? Compassion is something that involves our feelings, thoughts, motives, desires, urges, and behaviours that are...

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  Research suggests that, in general, our happiness increases with age. The psychological well-being of humanity is linked to such outcomes as relationship satisfaction, career success and health.  What is a mystery though is how well-being can improve with the...

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